Anyone can be creative with Paverpol.  Let me guide you through a creative experience that will leave you and your friends amazed at your talents!

What is Paverpol?

Paverpol is a water based textile hardener.

Convert household wire, tinfoil, and natural fabrics into beautiful sculptures with Paverpol.

Drape material dipped in Paverpol around an armature then let dry. Finished projects are rock-hard and can be placed indoors as well as outdoors.


Paverpol dries fast, but slowly enough to allow lots of working time.

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Find an instructor in your area:


www.Paverpol.ca     Paverpol Canada

www.xplorepaverpol.com SK/MN Distributor and instructor Loretta Metzger

www.becreativewithpaverpol.ca Bertha Entwistle, Regina

www.fabiancreations.com Kim and Marianne Fabian, Pilot Butte

www.peekinmywindow.com Michele Rogers, Battleford, SK

http://vajuniper5.wixsite.com/mysite Val Juniper,

www.prairiewindcreations.weebly.com Amber Kraus, Saskatoon

www.ernapaverpol.com Erna Honeyman, Brandon, MB

www.paverpolwithshauna.com Shauna Jacques, Winnipeg, MB

www.karynpaverpol.com Karyn Kowal, Oak Lake, MB

https://craftdabbler.wixsite.com/website Janice Johnson - Saskatoon, SK

http://www.smalltownart.ca/  Debby Boehm - Dundurn, SK

www.corasgardencreations.com Cora Manson - Lloydminster, SK

https://sites.google.com/view/paverpolbythecreek/ Cheryl Hendrickson - Belmont, MB

www.paverpolbynicole.com/ Nicole Deliche - St. Alphonse, MB

www.prettyinpaverpol.com Bev Martens - Mitchell, M