7" Dragonfly Supplies

Styrofoam Balls

        2 – 1.5” Styrofoam balls

        4 – 1” Styrofoam balls

        3 – ¾” Styrofoam balls

        1 – ¾” Styrofoam ball cut in ½ 

Styrofoam block

Pin with head

Flat wash Paint Brush

Acrylic paint

Square of tinfoil

Plastic to dry wings on (garbage bag works) 

Masking tape Cloth or paper tape 36” (1/3 width)

Masking tape Cloth or paper tape 2” full width

18-gauge wire

          4 - 12” lengths

          1 - 8” length

          1 - 5” length

          1 - 3” length

100 ml Paverpol mixed with 1 T Paverplast

Stir Stick

cheesecloth ~12” x 16”

The supplies listed above are what's in my dragonfly kits. I sell kits for $45 each shipping included. Kits with no Paverpol are $40, and multiple kits sent to the same address receive a discount.

The Amazon links below are what I've found on Amazon.

Amazon pays me a small percentage per purchase.

The Paverpol links below are mainly because I don't have my own product page set up yet. 🤷‍♀️ (Coming soon) You are welcome to buy from that site, or email me and I will send you the Paverpol.

If you live in SK, AB or MB contact me at Diana.Hume@mac.com for Paverpol

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